About Wheel Pro Scotland Ltd

Wheel Pro Glasgow Workshop


Wheel Pro Scotland is a family run business specialising in alloy wheel repair. With workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we service both customer and trade requirements.  Our aim is to offer a professional, reliable and friendly wheel repair services across central Scotland.

Wheel Pro Services

Alloy Wheel Repair 

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment 

Powder Coating & Alloy Wheel Customisation 

Diamond Cutting

Wheel Pro Branches

Wheel Pro Scotland have invested in branches across central Scotland, we currently have one workshop in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. Each branch has industry leading equipment allowing us to meet the demands of repairing and customising modern and traditional alloy wheels. 

Wheel Pro Guarantee 

All Wheel Pro Scotland customers receive guarantees on repairs, refurbishments and customisation work provided to ensure 100% satisfaction and peace of mind.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the result of your repair we will redo any repair, refurbishment or customisation free of charge*

Alloy Wheel Repair Guarantee

All alloy wheel repairs and come with 12-month guarantee**

*Note that not all alloy wheels cannot be restored to a "brand new" condition. Customers will be advised prior to any repair, refurbishment or customisation as to the level of finish you can expect from you alloy depending on the existing condition of your alloy wheel(s) and nature of the damage caused. We will highlight any existing areas which are problematic and where applicable Wheel Pro will redo any work to rectify any inconsistencies or obvious faults as a result of our workmanship.

**Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs come with a 3-month warranty.Unfortunately, all diamond cut alloy wheel can start to show signs of corrosion after 3 months due to the nature of the finish and exposure to elements. This can be prolonged with regular cleaning using a recommended alloy wheel cleaning products.